dream daddy

tell me your dreams
i'll be your personal manager
$100/modaily coaching via sms
$150/modaily coaching via sms, plus weekly calls
$200/modaily coaching via calls and sms

get in shape

hey it's 730, time to put your gym shoes on

it's 745 now wake up


i'm awake

good now go to the gym

i'm too tired

just put on your shoes

ugh fine i'm going


write your book

did you finish your 500 words today?

no not yet

okay drop whatever you're doing

after this episode



it'll only take a few minutes

think of how good it'll feel to finish your book


climb up the career ladder

how's work?

they're not giving me enough work

stupid jeremy

did you talk to your boss yet?

nah, i'm afraid they'll get mad

dude, bosses LOVE hearing "i'm ready for more responsibility"

you got this

thanks. i have a 1:1 today. i'll try to bring it up.

try to prepare some hard numbers if you can


improve your marriage

any fights?

nah, today has been good so far

good. wanna try surprising her with some clean dishes before she gets home?

not really

you need to get out of the dog house bro




start your podcast

what's the next step on this week's episode?

i need to finish cleaning up the audio

it'll only take like 20 minutes, right? you're almost done

yeah you're right πŸ’ͺ i'll do it rn

find a new job

alright, just one application today

i've been looking for 2 hours 😒

doesn't matter what the job is, you just have to apply

gotta keep this momentum πŸ’ͺ

don't be afraid to reach a bit

i found one amazing job but they only accept masters degrees...

just apply and then you can finish stranger things


become a pop-star

how's the latest song coming along?



i'm exhausted

but you're almost done with the lyrics

they're not even that good

just finish this rough draft and you can make it perfect later

you can eat a popsicle after 🍦

okay i finished

πŸ™Œ one step closer!

start a business

soo what's next


don't ignore me

i have to drop the permit application off at the post office

that's what you said yesterday

just ask your neighbor for stamps

good idea

get better grades

how's the essay??

haven't started yet

if you start right now, you can party this weekend



okay after dinner


learn a language

como estas

haha that's not french πŸ™ƒ

i know :) go study!

i already did... on the toilet πŸ’©

nice πŸ’©

find true love

how's your tinder game coming along


dang. maybe we should look outside of apps?

sounds nice, but i don't know where to start

want me to find a meetup or club for you?


maybe i'll go to board game night tomorrow

sounds fun!

floss your teeth


... 😢

... 😠

did it 😁


crush your thesis

91 days left! how's it going?

i hate this countdown

you're so close to finishing school FOREVER

think you can finish the chapter 9 edits tonight?

no way

2 pages?



Chelsea & Taylor

Chelsea & Taylor

Taylor is a software engineer and hobby-collector. He spends his days making music, websites, stories, videos, and contraptions. Taylor wants everybody to experience brilliant and strange lives, filled with wonder and chaos.

Chelsea devotes her days to nature, art, and food. When she's not baking, she loves helping plants and animals grow and thrive. Chelsea wants to help people find the best parts of themselves.